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Grayson Villanueva is a SAG-AFTRA singer, beatboxer, vocal arranger, audio engineer, music producer, and music video director/editor based in Los Angeles, CA.


With a decade of professional experience as both the talent and the person behind-the-scenes, Grayson’s superpower is the ability to make music and visuals with all the parts of being a musician and creative producer in mind. 


Grayson is also a self-proclaimed a cappella nerd, a major foodie, and a staunch advocate for Asian representation in media. He also aspires to be a cat owner one day.

Grayson Villanueva - CB Headshot.jpg


In this episode, we talk to multi-hyphenate Grayson Villanueva about his freelance career and pursuing multiple passions. We share our struggles with the societal expectation that we stick to one thing and discuss the benefits of having a variety of interests. Grayson also shares his strategies for being your own boss, including tips on how to stay motivated, manage your time, and take care of your wellbeing.

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