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Michael Shingo Crawford is a Philadelphia-based composer and violinist who uses his music to tell stories and paint images that arrange conventional ideas in unconventional ways. His quirky subject matter with a tinge of the supernatural turns daily life on its head. These ideas translate into evocative, unexpected, and sometimes humorous musical landscapes. As an avid performer of new music and his own compositions, Michael possesses a keen awareness of his musicians’ needs and always aims to create works that are well-written for the instrument and that performers and listeners alike can’t help but engage in with excitement.


As a violinist, Michael is passionate about recording his compositions and arrangements of anime music, which he shares on his Youtube channel with a quickly growing audience. He merges the worlds of traditional and contemporary classical music with anime music by creating arrangements that utilize the full palette of violin technique. His compositional training inspires unique takes on well-known soundtracks, to which he adds his personal flair.

Michael Shingo Crawford


In this episode, we talk to composer/violinist/YouTuber Michael Shingo Crawford about his various skills, and how they allow him to have artistic control over his projects. We discuss the benefits and challenges of working as an individual versus in a team, emphasizing how collaborating with others can affect a creative vision. Finally, we share our experiences with monetizing our hobbies and developing a work/life balance when working for ourselves.

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