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Miguel A Bolivar has composed, performed, and arranged music spanning various musical genres and styles. While still performing on saxophone and woodwinds, Miguel has focused his career on composing concert music for a wide variety of ensembles. In his music you can find his Peruvian roots as well as jazz and contemporary classical influences that drive his music in inspiration. Miguel holds a bachelor degree from Montclair State University in Music Education, Masters Degrees in Composition and Saxophone Performance from the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Composition at Rutgers University.


Mr. Bolivar is the Director of Bands at Highland Park Middle and High Schools, serves on the board for the New Jersey Association for Jazz Educators (NJAJE) where he is Region II President and President Elect,  and was recently named Executive Director of Mantra Percussion Inc. In these organizations he works on leading and creating more diverse and equitable music communities. In his spare time he enjoys live concerts, drum corps, and playing tennis. 

Miguel Bolivar Composer


In this episode, we talk to composer / saxophonist / music educator Miguel Bolivar about his experiences building successful music programs in public schools. We discuss the bureaucratic and logistical obstacles that teachers face, as well as the breakthroughs and accomplishments that make those struggles worth it. Finally, we cover the role of technology and innovation in improving the education system for both teachers and students.

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