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2025 East Zodiac Call for Composers

August 31, 2024


We are excited to announce our third East Zodiac Call for Composers for 2025, the Year of the Snake! East Zodiac is a music commissioning organization highlighting Asian composers and their voices. We aim to expand this space, allowing musicians who identify as Asian to increase their representation in the United States. Currently, we are working on a commissioning project that highlights a different Asian composer each year, corresponding with the 12-year Chinese Zodiac Calendar.

In our first two years, East Zodiac raised over $6,500, hosted and commissioned two premiere concerts at three universities across the country, performed a multitude of outreach concerts, participated in an entrepreneur mentorship program through the University of Michigan, and appeared as an arts track presenter at this year’s Yale University Innovation Summit.

Applications are now open as we seek our next composer collaborator for the “Year of the Snake.” The selected composer will receive a $1,000 commission and their piece will be featured at our annual premiere concert hosted at the University of Michigan in the Spring of 2025. This year, we are seeking a composer to write a trio featuring a clarinet and two additional instruments (the other instruments will be determined through conversation with the selected composer).

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