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35th Siegburg Composition Competition 2023 - edition 49 music publishing company and Stadtbetriebe Siegburg AöR

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Siegburg, Germany

The 35th Siegburg Composition Competition 2023 is an international composition competition for mandolin. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of the mandolin as the 'Instrument of the Year' 2023. There is a prize money of up to €8,000.00 available, with a special prize of €250.00 also being awarded. The competition is open to children, young people, and adults without age or nationality restrictions. Composers are free to submit works in any style or cast, as long as the mandolin is present in the composition. Works must be submitted as a PDF and MP3, and participants must provide their email address and place of residence. The award ceremony and prize presentation will take place in January 2024 in Stadtmuseum Siegburg. Edition 49 offers publishing for selected works. The competition is judged by an international, independent jury.

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