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ARTZenter Institute 2023 Emerging Composer Completion Grants

Thursday, January 19, 2023

San Francisco, California, USA

The San Francisco ARTZenter Institute is a newly formed composer’s grant program
offering Emerging Composer Completion Grants to young composers across the United
States. Composers currently enrolled in a degree-granting program in music composition
are invited to apply.

ARTZenter will offer six individual Emerging Composer Completion Grants in two annual
cycles, with each cycle consisting of two distinct phases.

Phase 1: Six composers chosen from the submissions will each be awarded a $3,000
completion grant. These six composers will be invited to participate in a 3-day open
rehearsal/workshop (June 21-23, 2023) at San Francisco’s Herbst Theater, culminating in a
“work-in-progress open rehearsal” and recording on June 23, 2023.

Phase 2: Three of the Phase 1 composers will receive an additional grant of $3,000, as well
as funding in support of travel to/accommodations in San Francisco to attend a 5-day
residency (September 18-22, 2023), culminating in a world premiere performance/
recording at Herbst Theatre on September 21st by SF Contemporary Music Players

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