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Call for Duo Works for Horn and 1/6-tone harmonium - MicroFest Prague 2023

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

We announce that microtonal duo compositions for Alois Hába’s sixth-tone harmonium and horn are sought for a concert in Prague on Saturday 29th of April, 2023. The music will be performed by harmonium player Miroslav Beinhauer (CZ/SK) and hornist Daniel Costello (GER/USA) in a recital concert of the MicroFest Prague 2023 / Institut mikrointervalové hudby 2023. Works should be for this combination of two performers and should include microtonality. Stereo “tape” electronics is available. Pieces may include the advanced techniques that both instruments enable.

Please send a finished microtonal duo composition for 1/6 -tone harmonium and horn (with or without stereo “tape”, no live electronics available). Works between 3 and 5 minutes are given slight preference. There are no limitations as to who may apply. The work may be old or new, previously performed or unperformed.

Attendance in Prague on the MicroFest Prague / Institut mikrointervalové hudby 2023 to present yourself, and hear your work performed is preferred though not absolutely required. We will provide you at least 90 minutes of rehearsals with the performer in Prague. Online video meetings with the musicians are possible beforehand, and the musicians are based in Czechia and Germany. You will be given up to three seats in the concerts and access to all official events (two days of lectures, two concerts) of the festival as well as some unofficial events.

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