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Come As You Are: Vulnerability in the Concert Space

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Kansas City, Kansas, United States


The purpose of Come As You Are is to break down barriers of access in the concert space. Concert music has contributed greatly to performing arts though it has also, at times, stifled vulnerability, maintained privilege and created exclusive expectations of formality. Such steep barriers create separation between creators, performers and audiences. This can lead to the music and its spaces feeling inaccessible to those who may feel they lack the privilege, training and/or formality to be welcomed into an experience. Come As You Are aims to open up these barriers through reimagined musical experiences and storytelling in the concert space.

This year, Come As You Are has partnered with The Whole Person in order to more effectively create a concert experience that is accessible to people with physical, hearing, vision, cognitive and psychological disabilities. Additionally, this year’s focus includes the whole family and particularly for children with disabilities.

Theme: Works should express the creator’s personal experiences with accessibility, privilege, and/or prejudice. Preference will be given to works that articulate the bravery found in vulnerability and inspire others to live their own truth.

Submit either:
-A vocal piece 3-10 minutes in length (see prerequisites below)
-A proposal for an installation (see prerequisites below)
-A combination of vocal work and installation
-VOCAL PIECE- (piece finished by submission)

Professional performing resources will be coordinated by No Divide KC and Lyric Opera of Kansas City and may include:
-1-8 voices (SATB or Countertenor)
-Visual Media

$300-$500 plus possible material cost for installation artists
Stipend amount will depend on the number of works selected for the program.

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