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Denis de Coteau Fellowship

Friday, December 2, 2022

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

SFCM and the San Francisco Ballet offer this fellowship for select Black violinists, violists, cellists, or double bassists in the one-year Professional Studies Certificate program. The fellowship provides tuition, housing, and a stipend. Fellows play rehearsals and shows with the SF Ballet Orchestra and receive other training and support. In addition to practicing and performing with the ballet orchestra, each fellow will participate in chamber concerts, leadership training, and activities with local schools. They will be invited to mock auditions and will receive financial support for professional auditions. As part of the SFCM certificate program, each fellow will participate in advanced, focused studies that emphasize individual instruction and preparation for a performance career.

When starting an application, applicants should just make sure to select PSC, their instrument, and then indicate they want to be considered for the fellowship on the first page. The application fee is fully waived.

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