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Laura Patricia Calle Grant for Muralists

Friday, June 30, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

The Grant program invites artists and art collectives to present proposals for a mural to be painted in the Metro Atlanta region. The mural should inform and promote awareness on the subject(s) of: Social Equality, Feminism, Immigrants’ Rights, LGBTQIA+ Rights, and Cultural Diversity.

This $20,000 grant is all-inclusive, meaning that the awardee is expected to lead the entirety of the mural production, including but not limited to securing a permanent wall location, covering artist fees, hiring assistants and media teams, and acquiring materials and equipment. Living Walls is available to provide support, but the selected project is expected to be artist-led.

Artists should apply with a proposed wall location and design mockup. The wall should be no smaller than 100 square feet and located within the Metro Atlanta area (as defined by Atlanta Regional Commission).

Artists can apply individually or as a team. The wall will be prepared, primed, and ready to paint by the time of production. The artwork will be protected with anti-graffiti coating post-production.

The artist must reside in the United States.

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