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Louisville Orchestra Creators Corps

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Louisville, United States

The Louisville Orchestra (LO) Creators Corps offers fully-funded 1-residencies in Louisville, KY, to six selected composers/creators: three for the 2023-24 and three for the 2024-25 seasons. The selected creators will collaborate with the orchestra to write new works, participate in community engagement programming, and maintain vibrant and active presences in the local community. The orchestra will provide each creator with a $40,000 salary, health benefits, housing, and studio workspaces.

For this application cycle, we are accepting resident creators for both the 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons.

We envision the invited creators as distinctly public figures who will be active and conspicuous throughout the city (particularly the Shelby Park neighborhood, where they will live). The creators will act as “artist-leaders” who will develop meaningful relationships with neighborhood residents and embody the LO’s conviction that music is a fundamental part of civic life.

Each creator will:

We are searching for applicants with bold ideas about collaborating with an orchestra in the 21st century. Our ideal candidates:

The Louisville Orchestra aims to assemble a cohort of “artist-leaders” that represent diverse backgrounds and practices yet share the LO’s conviction that music is a fundamental part of civic life.

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