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Margins and Periferies | Call for New Scores

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Trentino, Italy

“Piazza del Mondo” is very excited to announce the Call of Scores “Margini e periferie / Margins and peripheries” focusing on key-themes and values such as: margins - periphery - local - center - difference

The current attitude and way of life that tends to depersonalize individuals leads to reconsider margins and peripheries: a local dimension that can testify the persistence of some propositive values today. How to recover these visions that address us from the margins, from a relative distance? How can they fertilize our present time?

Our aim is to highlight individual needs and promote a polycentric perspective that values different cultures that, through their polyphony, can enrich the community with their stories, viewpoints and sensibility.

Guidelines for submission:
-Applicants may be of any nationality and age.
-Applicants may submit only one work.
-Submitted works must not exceed 15 minutes length.

AgorArt Ensemble:
Davide Baldo (flute in C, flute in G, bass flute in C, piccolo);
Emanuele Dalmaso (Bb clarinet, A clarinet, Eb clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax);
Mattia Grott (Electronics).

We accept pieces written for three performers (any instrumental combination is allowed, live electronics is included).

Electronics (Stereo) can be live or fixed media. In addition to other materials, a detailed description of technical requirements must be provided with the application. We can run Max/MSP or Pure Data patches and Ableton sessions.

All winners will receive a performance at “Margini e periferie”, that will take place in late 2023 in Trentino Region, Italy.

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