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McKnight Visiting Composer Residencies

Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Program Description:
American Composers Forum will select two music creators for an artistic residency in Minnesota. Artists work with the ACF team to design and produce a residency that integrates with the Minnesota community in a unique way. Visiting composers spend approximately 30 days in Minnesota over an 18-month period, building relationships and working on projects. New work may be part of the residency, but the focus is on the exploration of an artist within a Minnesota community. ACF believes in the power of music creators to be storytellers, connectors, or catalysts through their art. This program invites artists to respond to or reflect on the unique qualities of people and communities in our home state.

-Up to two residencies of $10,000 will be awarded. All funds are distributed directly to the selected music creator across four installments. Awards are subject to state and federal income tax guidelines.
-Consultation, time, and resources from the ACF.

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