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Summer Residency Program - Creative Generation

Friday, March 24, 2023


Creative Generation encourages systemic change by working within and disrupting the current structures of the arts/cultural, education, and social change sectors. Recognizing the negative impacts of traditional internship structures, the organization seeks to mentor new professionals with the necessary tools, training, and resources that will aid them in changing the landscape for the future. With a commitment to our values of honoring diversity and enabling radical inclusion, Creative Generation will work with individuals from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the sectors in which the organization works.

Residents will work directly with numerous members of the team at Creative Generation in these areas, research, learning, and communications. Prospective residents will develop specific skills applicable in arts and culture, education and youth development, and social and policy change. They will hone their commitment to and clarity of identity and values, skills in written communication, presentation for learning, research, project management, and media/artistic practice.

The Program will span from May 29th to August 18th (this can be flexible to meet the needs of participants). Participation over the course of the Program includes: professional learning and mentorship opportunities, work experience on current organizational projects and objectives, and leadership experience through a guided capstone project of your choice.

Timeframe: May 29th to August 18th, including July 15th - 19th for an expense paid organizational in-person retreat (these dates are flexible and can fit the needs of residents)
Hours: Average of 20 hrs/wk, with the opportunity for more time per week.
Pay: $15/hr
Ability to work on ET/EST

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