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Technical Director


Boston, United States

Boston Lyric Opera is seeking candidates for a Technical Director. The Technical Director will be involved with all aspects of the physical scenery, properties, electrics, audio, video, and wardrobe from installation through performances and load out. This position reports to the Director of Production and is responsible for managing the physical space in the theater in consultation with BLO staff and IATSE Local 11 Production Crew.


After designs and pre-production are complete and in consultation with stage management and Production Manager, maintain and update comprehensive technical drawings for all production aspects in the performance venue. This includes allocation of space for wardrobe, hair/wigs/makeup, and any ancillary spaces while in the venue as well as storage and support spaces.

Manage all warehouse activity; maintain accurate and detailed inventory; manage preventative and responsive maintenance on stock as needed.

Attend all meetings as required, including but not limited to production meetings and expense tracking and reconciliation meetings.

Implement and document any changes to predetermined orchestra pit plot including updating drawings and obtaining necessary materials within budget.

With Production Coordinator, oversee the transfer of materials to and from BLO storage facilities, prep spaces, and the performance venue

Oversee the physical use of the performance space regarding technical needs, liaising with venue staff, Production Crew heads, Stage Management, and BLO staff.

Along with Production Manager, manage and update technical paperwork including but not limited to lineset schedules, video and audio plots, equipment pull lists and rental orders, and, in collaboration with Lighting Director, all lighting paperwork. Ensure this paperwork is made available to all necessary parties utilizing BLO’s cloud-based data system.

With Production Coordinator, ensure all production supplies are stocked. These should include all necessary supplies and materials for wardrobe, hair/makeup, properties, lighting, sound, video, and scenery (in consultation with relevant Production Crew and Department Heads).

Keep Production Manager informed of schedule adjustments, labor needs, and personnel issues as needed.

Procure production materials with approval necessary for anything over $300.

With Production Coordinator, oversee all hiring paperwork, timesheets, union breaks and meal penalties, hospitality, etc. for IATSE Production Crew and Stagehands. Accurately report timesheets and keep Director of Production apprised of any deviations from original financial estimate and schedule.

Maintain a thorough understanding of BLO’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and Project-Only Agreements along with additional side letters with IATSE

Attend all production meetings taking notes and helping prioritize notes time on stage in consultation with Director of Production

If production materials are to be saved, create and/or update a comprehensive technical packet for future use. Oversee all storage needs in consultation with Production Manager.

Job Conditions

The workflow varies greatly throughout the production period, with work time demands beyond the standard workweek determined by production planning and execution.  The role requires irregular and extended working hours including nights and weekends.

Work Location(s) 

BLO Main Office, Remote Work, Warehouse, Rehearsal Halls, Performance Venues; Meetings in and around Boston.


5+ years experience in technical direction, stage management, and/or production management in a high-profile opera environment.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office 365 Suite

Preferred proficiency in AutoCAD or Vectorworks

Familiarity with installation projects

Must be able to handle advancing production while implementing current projects and productions

Understanding of theater scheduling, working with multiple departments to find best solutions

Clear, effective written and verbal communications skills

Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

Ability and desire to show exceptional attention to detail in all aspects of work

Ability to communicate with and effectively organize large groups of people.

Experience working in a union setting, preferably IATSE.

Ability to manage a large workload over a short period of time

Must have driver’s license and be willing to drive (if necessary) to work locations

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