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Updated: Jan 8

This month, we're featuring curated opportunities for 3 categories: visual arts 🎨, music 🎹, and performing arts 🎭! You can search for more on our database "for the lost creative" & don't forget to sign up for our newsletter a the bottom of the page to get opportunities delivered to your inbox! Don't miss out on the opportunities that October has to offer! let us know your thoughts in the comments!



Marble House Project is a multi-disciplinary artist residency program that fosters collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Residents sustain their growth by cultivating and participating in the surrounding grounds, working on their artistic vision, and forging partnerships within the community.

The seventh edition of the international award celebrating excellence in craftsmanship, The Loewe Foundation seeks to recognize uniquely talented artisans whose artistic vision and will to innovate set new standards for the future of craft. The prize for the winning entry is 50,000 euros. The shortlisted and winning works will be featured in an exhibition and accompanying catalogue in Paris in spring 2024.

This open call is for a virtual event that will take place on October 5th, 2023 showcasing artists that find solace and healing in art. Five artists, national and international, will be chosen for their narrative videos and artworks discussing their experiences around race, gender, disability, sexuality and more. All five artists selected will be compensated a total of $200 each. Any medium is accepted, and the call encourages disabled and/or queer BIWOC and femmes of color to apply




Melodica Workshop - Vox Novus | October 7th, 2023

Vox Novus is calling for pieces composed for solo melodica. Selected works will be workshopped in November of 2023 on Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring multi-instrumentalist David Bohn. The selected works will also receive a recording session. Deadline for works is October 7th, 2023. Must include dedication to David Bohn on the score. Works need to be submitted online at Workshop occurring November 19, 2022, online via Streamyard. Results will be announced via the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame website.

The SYN(es)THESIS Project is hosting the Third International Composition Competition. Musicians and composers have the opportunity to participate in two categories: writing a musical composition inspired by a painting or creating music for a scene in the genre of shadow theatre. Compositions must be 3-8 minutes in length and can be written for various voices and instruments. Vocal parts with text can be in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, or Bulgarian. There is no registration fee and the competition is open to participants of any nationality and age. Selected works will be performed at the Gala Concert, and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners.

The Lyrical Flute International Championship is open to students (including adults) from ALL COUNTRIES. There are Age Championships, Creative Presentation and an Ensemble Section.

Entrants are invited to submit a video of themselves playing ONE of the set pieces; entry is FREE.

There are PRIZES for each section and EVERY entrant will be emailed a Participation Certificate with their name on and signed by the judges.



OAcademy is not a typical music conservatory. We use technology to connect emerging artists – wherever they are – to star FACULTY at the forefront of the music world. We combine an immersive digital curriculum with short in-person retreats and residency opportunities across the globe. The learning journey is fast-paced and responsive – relevant for day-to-day success and long-term impact, on-stage and beyond.

LexPhil is a per service orchestra. During the 2023-2024 season a Section Violin position is guaranteed a minimum of 28 services at the per service rate of $94.75. Rates and service guarantees for subsequent seasons will be determined in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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