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Christopher Singleton Sr. is a proud husband to Toni. He is also a proud father to CJ and Joshua. He works as a Preschool Teacher. Most of his free moments are spent being creative, typically writing. When he writes it ranges from haiku, to parody, to children's songs, to stories, etc.. The one thing that Chris hopes that everyone learns about life is to cherish life's moments, even the bumps in the road. He will be rereleasing his book "Chris & Frankie: Intro To Our Ebony & Ivory Keys" underneath the umbrella of in May. The goal of this book is to teach children and adults the ABC's of the piano, and how to find them through an easier method than most. 



In this episode, we talk to father, children’s book author, and early childhood educator Christopher Singleton about the impact of parents and teachers on the trajectory of a child’s life. Chris tells us about his new book, “Chris & Frankie: Intro to Our Ebony & Ivory Keys,” which introduces the piano to young readers through a pair of relatable characters. He shares his journey and inspirations for becoming an author, and how he was able to make the book come to life with the tools at his disposal.

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