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Student Takeaways
From a class discussion at Loyola University

"My main takeaway from this is that you can't be too hard on yourself. Productivity ≠ progress."


"A lot of my takeaways were wrapped up in the Creative Baggage Podcast Episode that I listened to before class as well. All of it was a really refreshing perspective on art, one that I really needed. Encouraging you to be kind to yourself and your art, having a balance between art and other interests, and acknowledging our insecurities and worries about our own careers without getting discouraged. I really appreciated that we were given space to share. I didn't because I often struggle to be vulnerable when it comes to my music struggles, but I was just happy to know the space to share was there."


"My main take away was to be kind and patient with yourself. Everyone is learning and trying their best. "


EnCORE Accelerando
Budapest, Hungary

In May 2022, we spent a week in Budapest attending workshops and pitching our project "for the lost creative." as finalists of the 2022 EnCORE Accelerando program, hosted by Jeunesse Musicale International. Our project was chosen by JMI's panel of judges to receive a grant - you can watch our winning pitch in the video above.

NextNOW Fest
University of Maryland

3 people in front of a NextNow Fest banner
A roundtable discussion in an auditorium

In September 2021, we hosted a podcast event at the University of Maryland's NextNOW Fest. The Creative Baggage team facilitated discussions and interviewed students on the role of creativity in their lives, which were later released as episodes of the Creative Baggage Podcast. You can listen to our episodes featuring UMD students using the embedded players on this page.

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