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Piccoloist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Erica Peel enjoys an exciting career as an orchestral and chamber musician, soloist and teacher. On faculty at the Peabody Conservatory, she succeeds Laurie Sokoloff in leading the only graduate program in the US to offer both MM and GPD degrees in Piccolo. 

Erica Peel Piccolo


In this episode, we talk to piccolo player of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Erica Peel about the wonders of playing and teaching piccolo. We discuss the underappreciated beauty of the piccolo, and how we have grown to love it and treat it as its own instrument. In the process, Erica shares the struggles she has faced as both a performer and teacher, and we agree that being open and honest about these struggles is beneficial for ourselves, our colleagues, and our students.

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Erica Peel about learning to trust ourselves. We discuss our tendencies to become obsessive in our practice and go too far in any direction, asserting that taking things to the extreme is often a result of our need to impress others. We also acknowledge that life isn’t as clean-cut as we would like it to be, and that it’s okay to feel like a mess. At the end of the day, all we can do is find a sincere reason to be doing what we’re doing and put ourselves out there.

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