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Frankie left the stability and security of the corporate world to focus on his passion for coffee roasting in 2016. He delved into a start-up, with much trepidation, opened Boonton Coffee Co and 5-years later the business is thriving. The coffee shop has taken on a life of its own and far surpassed Frankie’s initial vision. Boonton Coffee is cemented as a cornerstone for the Boonton and surrounding community artists, musicians, dreamers, entrepreneurs and of-course coffee lovers. Frankie is along for the ride!



In this episode, we talk to small business owner Frankie McDonald about his journey from working in the corporate world to founding Boonton Coffee Company. He shares his philosophy of community-building and creating a low-stress work environment, as well as some fun community stories! We discuss the benefits and struggles of being your own boss, and Frankie gives us his best advice on making it work.

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