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Music Instructors - Intonation

December 31, 2024

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Intonation Music is seeking highly motivated, detail-oriented, reliable individuals to join our social-emotional learning (SEL)-focused, ambitious team! We are looking for instructors who have a passion for education, and are eager to engage in a meaningful experience with students exploring their creativity and personal growth.

Compensation: Pay range:
$25.50-$37.70/hr, commensurate with experience
8-10 hours per week
401(k) available

Intonation offers in-person music learning programs. Our in-person programs take place at schools and park districts throughout the week (except Sunday) at varying times. A typical class has 12 students, a lead instructor and a co-instructor with most school-year classes meeting twice-weekly for an hour. Other classes vary in duration and frequency. Some classes meet as little as one hour per week, with other classes meeting up to four hours per week. Most of our instructors start by teaching one class/site, with hours increasing with experience. Our unique curriculum is tailored by age and skill level for students 3rd - 12th grade with varying musical abilities. Some have taken lessons before while many have never even picked up an instrument.

Intonation Modern Band is a student-driven enrichment program mixing experiential and collaboration-based learning. Students explore rhythm, songwriting, digital music production, performance, artistic identity, and an array of other musical skill-building tools. Youth will engage in creating music as a modern band using live instruments, as well as digital tools and production. Our instructors work closely with students centering non-traditional music learning modalities with social and emotional learning. Students expect to explore aspects of the modern band format, learn a variety of instruments, form a youth-led band, and collaboratively prepare for a culminating performance.

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