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For the Lost Creative: An Overview

For the Lost Creative officially launches on September 3, 2022. We're so grateful for all the support we've received and we can't wait to share this resources with our community. Watch the video below and keep reading to learn more about the project!


A database of free opportunities for creatives. Curated interdisciplinary scholarships, grants, jobs, internships, workshops, etc. that can be filtered to your needs.


  1. We don't learn in music school what options are out there beyond taking orchestral auditions and teaching. Having opportunities laid out in front of you makes building a fulfilling musical career much less daunting.

  2. Searching for opportunities can be a pain, especially if you don't know where to start. Google is full of listicles with deadlines long passed (trust me, we've looked through a bunch of those) - our database automatically filters out expired listings and allows you to search and sort by the types of opportunities you're interested in.

  3. A lot of musical experiences involve application fees and tuition fees, making it expensive to explore! Only free opportunities are listed on our database, so there's no financial burden to trying something new.


  • This project started as a shareable spreadsheet of opportunities hosted on Notion

  • With a grant we won from enCORE Classical & Jeunesse Musicale International, we were able to code the database onto our website and customize its functions to our needs

  • We want this project to grow and expand as a community-driven resource, promoting collaboration over competition

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