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What you should know before building your Artist/Musician Website

Updated: Mar 8

In episode 77 of the Creative Baggage Podcast, we talked to flutist & web designer Taylor Rossi about the importance of having a professional website, and what makes a artist or musician's site effective. We've highlighted some of Taylor's most helpful tips below!

  1. Keep it SIMPLE: As Taylor said, "No one should have to use more than 2% of their brain to navigate your site." The goal of your site is to get people to hire you/take action. If you get too creative with the design, you risk people clicking away.

  2. Keep your audience/client in mind: Your website is not a memoir or a brag sheet - it should contain information that convinces a student, booking agent, or client to hire you, NOT every single accomplishment you've ever had in your entire life.

  3. Make it mobile-friendly: Most people search things up on their phones, so make sure you check the mobile layout before you hit publish. You can have the most beautiful desktop design, but if the mobile version isn't user-friendly, at least half the people visiting your site will leave with a bad impression.

  4. Spread photos and videos throughout your website: Adding media is a great way to keep each page of your site interesting. You can still have a press page or press kit, but try to avoid having pages just labeled "photos" or "videos."

If you found these tips helpful, you should definitely listen to the full conversation in the video above, on the podcast page of our site, or on your favorite podcasting platform!

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