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Susan Palma Nidel,  a graduate of the University of Michigan and the Juilliard joined the renowned Orpheus Chamber in 1980. She is Principal of the American Composers Orchestra, has been flutist and soloist for many dance companies including Paul Taylor, Martha Graham, Royal Ballet, Netherlands Dance Company. She played for the Madeira Bach Festival, Santa Fe Opera, PDQ Bach, Speculum Musicae, Contemporary Chamber Ensemble. Susan spends her summers happily playing chamber music with the North Country Chambers in northern New Hampshire. Her recording of Mozart Flute Concertos with harpist Nancy Allen has been called "the best recording to date of these works" by Gramophone Magazine.  Her latest adventures into World Music include 3 recordings:   Elegante, music of South America and Lisboa Intima and Lisboa á Solta, music of Portugal.

Susan Palma Nidel Flute


In this episode, we talk to flutist Susan Palma-Nidel about her experiences playing in Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and her more recent endeavors performing and recording world music. We discuss the internal and external push-and-pull that is required for music-making, concluding that we should embrace discomfort as a means for growth and satisfaction.

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