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Susanna Klein, author of the Practizma Practice Journal, is a violinist, professor, arts entrepreneur, and practice researcher. Her mission with Practizma is to make the journeys of musicians more empowered and joyful. She regularly conducts workshops on the psychology of practice and apps in the practice dojo. Her long term dream is to develop technology to help make practice more data driven and fun. Susanna has been featured on many national podcasts, and writes regularly for The Instrumentalist, ASTA Journal,, and Strings Magazine.  


Much of her research originates from collaborations with scientists at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she serves as associate professor of violin and coordinator of strings. As an orchestral musician, Ms. Klein served as principal second violin of the Richmond Symphony for five years. Other orchestral appointments have been with the Colorado Symphony, Memphis Symphony, Vermont Symphony (as acting concertmaster) and Rhode Island Philharmonic. Recording credits include One Ring Zero, Modern Groove Syndicate, Trio 826, Richmond Symphony, Virginia Symphony, the Atlantic Chamber Ensemble, and several PBS documentaries.



Ms. Klein holds a BM degree from VCU and Master of Music degree from Boston University, where she was an assistant to the legendary violinist Roman Totenberg. She still likes to practice (sigh, most days).  


Follow Susanna at the handle @practizma.  

Susanna Klein Practizma


In this episode, we speak with Susanna Klein, creator of the Practizma Practice Journal about the psychology of practice and bringing creativity into the practice room.

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